Organizer & Roadmap

Financial Organizer

We walk our clients through the preparation for retirement by organizing all of their data in our proprietary Financial Organizer System. Please click on the video image to see how this serves as the foundation for our ongoing work with our clients.

Retirement Roadmap

With our Retirement Roadmap, we develop a saving, investing, and retirement plan that is unique to each client. With these tools—and ongoing communication in several forms—our clients know that Safe Harbor is there to guide them through both good times and challenging markets. In our semi-annual meetings, we review the client's portfolio, goals, unique circumstances, and any changing needs, while updating the Financial Organizer and fine-tuning the Retirement Roadmap. Please click on the video images below to learn how the Retirement Roadmap guides ongoing investment and financial decisions, and how our coordinated approach has worked successfully for our clients.