Our Process

We have found it is more important to listen than to speak. This is why we find it crucial to the planning process to ask the right questions, and then listen to what our clients say. With more than three decades of working with clients, we recognize that no two plans are alike. We do not have a pre-set idea about what approach will be best for you; we listen to you and craft the solution for you based on your input. 

We do know that, for most people, having a personal Retirement Roadmap and having all of their financial life organized in one place are key.

When you work with Safe Harbor Retirement Planning as a new client, we use our consistent and predictable process. We have five steps for client engagement.

  1. Develop and Prioritize Goals. This step involves completing a thorough review of the retirement, investment, estate, and risk management plans that have been made heretofore.
  2. Formulate Your Written Plan. This becomes the guiding document for investment selection and to track your progress toward your identified goals.
  3. Implement Your Plan. We create a well-rounded and well-diversified portfolio.
  4. Coordinate Your Total Planning. Using our unique Financial Organizer System, we physically coordinate all of your financial documents in one place.
  5. Review and Communicate Periodically. We value good communication and recognize it is key to maintaining excellent and long-standing relationships. We communicate frequently and with many different types of communication.