For more than three decades, Safe Harbor Retirement Planning has been providing the right tools and guidance to adequately prepare our clients for retirement.

To help our clients do this we have developed the Financial Organizer System, personalized Retirement Roadmap, and an in-house Social Security program as part of our toolbox that goes well beyond the traditional scope of “just money management.”


Financial Organizer System

We walk our clients through the preparation for retirement by organizing all of their data in our proprietary Financial Organizer System.

Social Security

Social Security Income (SSI) is one of the most pressing issues faced by millions of people as they transition into and through retirement and it can get confusing.

Personalized Retirement Roadmap

With our personalized Retirement Roadmap we develop a saving, investing, and retirement plan that is unique to each client.

Please click on the video image to see how The Financial Organizer System serves as the foundation for our ongoing work with our clients.

Your Social Security Income is a private matter


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Please click on the video images below to learn how the personalized Retirement Roadmap guides ongoing investment and financial decisions, and how our coordinated approach has worked successfully for our clients.