Social Security

Social Security Income (SSI) is one of the most pressing issues faced by millions of people as they transition into and through retirement and it can get confusing.

For 61% of retirees, Social Security is a major source of income.(1) Making the wrong choice for your benefit could cost you as much as $250,000 in lifetime benefits. 

As a client of our firm, you have access to our knowledge and expertise to help you pursue your overall retirement goals by helping to clear up any confusion caused by the ever-changing Social Security rules and regulations. 

Your Social Security Income is a private matter



Your Social Security Income is a private matter, and when you work with us you will no longer have to speak with a stranger unfamiliar with your particular financial circumstances at your local SSA branch office. Our team is familiar with you and your unique situation. We can help you develop a retirement plan of action that works for you and your family.

These are some of the common questions our clients ask about Social Security: 

  • Am I eligible to receive Social Security Income? 
  • How much income can I expect to receive?
  • What is the best option for me and my family?
  • When should I start taking Social Security Income?
  • Will my spouse receive my SSI when I am gone?

From a planning perspective, answering your Social Security questions goes well beyond “just money management.” By understanding your answers in full, we will be able to coordinate many of your other financial issues, such as reducing taxes, planning for your Required Minimum Distributions, and coordinating your cash flow needs with your portfolio so that you do not take on more risk than you need to.


1 - [2/13/19]

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