Video Library

The Safe Harbor Retirement Planning Financial Education Library was designed to be a guide for our clients and their families. We recognize that there are so many issues we face on a day to day basis, and we don’t always have the time to talk about each of them when we have our reviews with our valued clients. This resource is virtual, so when you are ready to sit down for a few minutes, on your own time, you can learn more about issues that are important to you, your family members, or friends.

We have broken these topics into life’s stages:

  • First, for those who are just starting out, these videos address the issues for those under 30.
  • Second, for those in the juggling years, ages 30-55, these videos deal with the abundance of financial issues we all at one time have struggled with.
  • Third, for those serious about retirement, typically over age 55, we provide videos specific to some of the pressing questions regarding this very important transition.
  • Finally, we include a number of videos that address conversations you may have around the dinner table with your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy this resource, and feel free to forward any topic to someone you think might value from it.